Immediately, I began sending out my brand spanking new demo, via MP3, to production houses, radio stations, television stations, advertising agencies, post-production studios. I drew the attention of Vox Talent, Canada’s top non-union voice over talent agency, and they took me on as my agent. They started sending me auditions. Cool! I even started answering ads on Craigslist. I actually got quite a few jobs that way, and continue to do a quick search every morning. I also joined, Canada’s number one marketplace for voice overs. Then, to my amazement I started hearing back from some of those people I had sent my demo too. All good news – all great feedback. People liked my demo and told me they’d add me to their talent roster. I think today I am on at least 20 rosters all over the world.

I contacted CTV, our local television station and asked if I could come in to meet the program director and get a tour. I figured, I may have a better shot of getting work if people meet me and see how charming I am, hehe. But truly, I knew I’d have a better shot if these people met with me face to face. I met with the program director who has since retired, and through my meeting with him, got hired to read the tag for Dagwoods, a local sandwich shop. One day I was in the CTV studio reading the tag, freaked out and nervous as hell, but desperately acting confident and experienced. And the next day, I was hearing myself on TV! I swear, the thrill is beyond words.

I’ve made really decent money since I’ve started. All from my own blood, sweat and tears. I’ve had to be super aggressive. It’s a roller coaster, some weeks I get one or two projects, and then 2 weeks could go by without booking anything. But I get to be a mother to my children. I’ve wanted to be a mommy from a very early age. And I now have the freedom and time to pursue a career that I love.

Being a voice artist is tough. It’s highly competitive. Like, really insanely, ridiculously competitive. BUT…

…that’s the beauty of this career! I can work for companies all over the world, and from the comfort of my home! In my PJ’s! No makeup! Bad hair! They have no freakin’ clue!